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When you travel, have you ever wanted to do something good for the communities or the environment that you’re visiting? Our TRiP Foundation program has you covered!

We donate 2% of the total cost of your trip to a social charity or environmental project that we have vetted in the country that you are visiting! Every year we work out set goals to achieve with the projects we are donating to that will enable them to make their own work easier, but not dependant on us. Once these goals are met, we will donate the remainder of the funds raised to another project (such as a tree planting or ocean clean-up organization).

Through extensive examination, we find both the best social and environmental causes to donate to, to guarantee that the donation on your behalf is going to a very good cause!

What does the TRiP Foundation mean for you?

We will provide you with extensive information on how to be a socially and environmentally conscious traveller from us so you can be sure you are having a positive impact on your travels. You can also rest assured that the countries you are visiting are benefiting through environmental and social charities… just because you travelled there! Since we’re donating on your behalf, it doesn’t cost you a cent more! We’re taking responsibility for looking after our own backyard – you’re doing good just from visiting! It’s pretty much a win-win, right?

We believe strongly in paying it forward, and our TRiP Foundation does just that! We strive to help communities however we can and want to preserve both the cultures and the natural beauty that we are so fortunate to be able to visit! We feel that even something as simple as 2% of your trip cost not only goes a long way in helping communities… it also adds up pretty fast!

What Projects and Charities does WSE Travel currently support?

We have vetted several projects in various countries that we have had explorers visit with us already, and are continuously aiming to expand this network! If you have visited a country that we do not yet have a project for, the dollar-a-day donation goes into a fund until we are able to find a cause worthy enough to receive that donation. We will review and re-evaluate our supported charities annually, and if we see another cause we find more worthy, then we will be able to redirect the focus to them for the coming year!

To see information on the projects and charities we are currently supporting in various countries, please select the country of interest below!

It pays to go on a WSE Travel TRIP – Travel Responsibly, Impact Positively!

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Last Updated: June 28, 2021

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