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Thailand's Ink Experiences

Connect with shamans in Thailand to receive personalized enchanted sak yant tattoos, said to bring you luck and overcome challenges in your life!

Oaxaca's Day of the Dead Experiences

Experience some of the most incredible aspects of Oaxaca’s world-famous Day of the Dead celebrations – immerse yourself in the celebration!

European Summer Small Group Tours

The best time to visit Europe is in the summer, and the best way to get a profound experience with the history and cultures is with intimate small group tours. 

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Engaging Positive Impact Travel with Ancient Cultures

Where Sidewalks End group tour

Why people choose WSE Travel

Where Sidewalks End (or WSE Travel for short) has been a leader in Positive Impact Travel since 2011. Our experiences not only take you on culturally emersive adentures, often quite off-the-beaten-path – we do so in a way that ensures a positive impact is made for everyone involved. From locals, to the communities we visit, to our drivers and guides, to the street vendors we may stop to interact with – everyone leaves a WSE Experience having been treated with respect and pride. 

Being a guest in a foreign land, we do our best to help you integrate, and get a deeper understanding of the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of the things you are experiencing. 

Create a positive impact on your holiday with our TRIP Foundation

Part of our mission is to Travel Responsibly & Impact Positively – TRIP! We are your hosts, and us such we take it upon ourselves to look after our own backyard, rather than passing the burden on to you – our guests. 

We have pledged to donate 1% of all gross sales to local projects and charities which we feel are making positive impacts on their communities and/or the environment. 

Just by taking a TRIP with Where Sidewalks End, you are automatically creating a positive impact on the destination you are visiting before you even start your tour with us. 

Learn more about the TRIP Foundation here. 

Trip Collections

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All of our experiences aim to take you deeper into the destination, with high-level cultural exchanges, participation and exploration.

Each style of tour will look at different aspects of your destination – connecting you with locals, traditions and their ecosystems!

What is your main interest when travelling?

Choose your favourite trip style, or mix and match various experiences with our different collections, to get the dream holiday that suits YOUR needs. 

Trip Destinations

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At Where Sidewalks End, we craft experiences that transport you to some of the world’s most stunning destinations. Our focus is to immerse you deeply in each location, embracing rich cultural exchanges, active participation, and exploration.

Every tour is uniquely tailored, highlighting different facets of your chosen destination. We connect you intimately with local life, traditions, and the natural ecosystem surrounding you.

What travel destination captivates you the most?

Select your upcoming trip destination, and blend different experiences from our collections, to create your dream holiday that perfectly aligns with your travel aspirations.

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Totally customizable multi-city trips, tailored to your interests. 

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