Oaxaca Day of the Dead Experiences

In Oaxaca, Where Sidewalks End brings you into the sacred celebration of the Day of the Dead, offering tours that connect you with the essence of this profound cultural event. Our experiences in Oaxaca during this time are designed to engage you with the local traditions, allowing you to explore the rich customs and rituals that define this mesmerizing celebration.

Join us to learn how to cook traditional Day of the Dead delicacies in classes led by local chefs, where you’ll gain insights into the dishes that play a crucial role in honoring ancestors. Experience the flower-adorned cemeteries through guided visits, offering a deeper understanding of the local customs that make this event so poignant. Take part in authentic Catrina makeup workshops, immersing yourself in the artistry that captures the spirit of the celebration.

Our tours also lead you through the historical depths of Mitla, known as the ‘City of the Dead,’ where you can witness the seamless blend of ancient traditions and modern festivity. Each tour in Oaxaca during the Day of the Dead is crafted to be respectful and immersive, ensuring you connect with and appreciate the true spirit of this sacred time.

Embrace the full experience of the Day of the Dead in Oaxaca with Where Sidewalks End – from its unique gastronomy to the solemn beauty of its graveyards. Our tours offer more than just participation; they are an opportunity to engage in a deeply enriching cultural experience, allowing you to explore and understand the profound significance of this time-honored tradition.

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