About WSE Travel’s Core Values

In 2011, Ian Ord founded Where Sidewalks End with nothing but a credit card and an insatiable desire to create a travel experience which connects our guests with the locals we visit through deep cultural exchanges. By offering soul-searching travellers an alternative to the run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter tours they were accustomed to, he and his team have not only changed the way people looked at their holiday time, but forever changed the face of what a travel experience can truly mean. Now, the only thing that hasn’t changed is a deep-rooted belief in the core values that continue to inspire our business decisions, and our guest’s who visit with us today.

Inspired by those who have already made an impact in the world, our core-values come from quotes of those who have made a positive impact in the world we live in today. We strive to make all our decisions based with these core values and principles in mind.

Core Values Quote - Be The Change
Core Values Quote - All Living Things
Core Values Quote - Be A Part Of It
Core Values Quote - be extraordinary
Core Values Quote - Do What is Right
Core Values Quote - Dent in the Universe