Travel that can change the world

Everywhere WSE Travel goes, we believe that we can have a Positive Impact on the people living in those destinations. We believe that the environment should never come as an after thought, and that we can leave a positive footprint being there. We believe in travelling differently!

All travel packages we create are of a “TRIP” philosophy. Travel Responsibly, Impact Positively – TRIP. We orchestrate TRIPs in a variety of ways. Through education of cultural and environmental sensitivities, our explorers have a chance to show a level of respect unparalleled by many visiting on their own agenda, which is reciprocated exponentially by the people and places you encounter. Hiring only the most qualified guides and staff, who undergo their own in depth training, you are assured a level of consistency with respect to the enthusiasm of our vision. By supporting and promoting causes that embody these philosophies, we are able to give back in tangible ways to enable positive change in communities and ecosystems we visit.

All of our tours, travel products and custom itineraries are carefully crafted with these fundamentals in mind.

Do you feel like changing the world… and having fun doing it?

Check out our Group Expeditions tour line-up, Freestyle independent packages or create your own custom tailored adventure with the uniquely stylized Choose Your Own Adventure option. Travel to places the way they were meant to be seen.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi