Where Sidewalks End has evolved over the years to bring you the best in Off The Beaten Path discoveries, as well as creating an atmosphere conducive to Positive Impact Tourism. This has only been possible with the help of many other travel gurus – experts in their own right. With shared beliefs, goals and inspiration, we have been able to come together to bring something special and unique.

Please meet the members of our World Wide family. As a result of their hard work, WSE Travel has been able to become the world leader in Positive Impact Tourism that it is today.

Interested in being part of our team? Find a position that’s right for you, and make a dent in the universe: Join Us

WSE Travel “Digital Office” Team

Ian Ord
Ian OrdFounder & CEO
Valentino Booncherd
Valentino BooncherdTravel & Operations Guru
Karina Noriega
Karina NoriegaSales Guru

WSE Travel Partners

Mr Dwight Turner
Mr Dwight TurnerCourageous Kitchen
United States
Mr Erick Prince
Mr Erick PrinceEclatist Media
United States
Ms Nest Jang
Ms Nest JangEclatist Media
Dr Ben Salt
Dr Ben SaltSocial Grow
United Kingdom
Mr Ric Gazarian
Mr Ric GazarianGlobal Gaz
United States
Ms Shelley Mcguigan
Ms Shelley McguiganTravel Content Collective
United Kingdom
Mr Darren Griffiths
Mr Darren GriffithsTravel Content Collective
United Kingdom
Mr Iain Murphy
Mr Iain MurphyGlowbox Productions

WSE Travel Thailand “Field Team”

Khun Lowey
Khun LoweyTravel Guru
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Khun Noi
Khun NoiTravel Guru
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Khun Pii Chai
Khun Pii ChaiTransportation Guru
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Khun Prasong
Khun PrasongTravel Guru
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Khun Coco
Khun CocoTravel Guru
Bangkok, Thailand
Khun Ice
Khun IceTravel Guru
Bangkok, Thailand
Khun Sea
Khun SeaTravel Guru
Bangkok, Thailand
Khun Oil
Khun OilTravel Guru
Bangkok, Thailand
Khun Gob
Khun GobTransportation Guru
Bangkok, Thailand
Khun Oom
Khun OomTravel Guru
Bangkok, Thailand
Khun Tony
Khun TonyTravel Guru
Chiang Rai, Thailand
Khun Meai
Khun MeaiTravel Guru
Chiang Rai, Thailand
Khun Poojah
Khun PoojahTravel Guru
Bangkok, Thailand

WSE Travel Philippines “Field Team”

Mr Luis
Mr LuisTravel Guru
Siquijor, Philippines
Mr Junel
Mr JunelTravel Guru
Siquijor, Philippines
Ms Mayflower
Ms MayflowerTravel Guru
Siquijor, Philippines

WSE Travel Vietnam “Field Team”

Ms Phuong
Ms PhuongOperations Manager
Nha Trang, Vitenam
Ms Minh
Ms MinhOperations Manager
Hanoi, Vietnam
Mr Truong
Mr TruongTravel Guru
Hanoi, Vietnam

WSE Travel Cambodia “Field Team”

Mr Hak
Mr HakOperations Manager
Siem Reap, Cambodia

WSE Travel “Experience Scouts”

Want to be a destination scout and share your discoveries with the world? Apply here!

Alex Skinner
Alex SkinnerWriter
Bonnie Doroy-Enriquez
Bonnie Doroy-EnriquezWriter
Dominique Cordero
Dominique CorderoWriter
Greg Snell
Greg SnellPhotographer
Ian M Packham
Ian M PackhamWriter
Jub Bryant
Jub BryantWriter
Justin Carmack
Justin CarmackWriter
Kristin Addis
Kristin AddisWriter
Michelle Zammit
Michelle ZammitWriter
Mittie Roger
Mittie RogerWriter
Molly Birchmore
Molly BirchmoreWriter
Sania Cuk
Sania CukWriter
Sarah McAlister
Sarah McAlisterWriter
Richard Collett
Richard CollettWriter
Rose Munday
Rose MundayWriter
Rebecca Alice Saunders
Rebecca Alice SaundersWriter

WSE Travel “Past Gurus”

A special thanks to those who worked with us in the past to help us become who we are today. Though our paths may have gone in different directions, we still remember everything that was contributed by our past team members and wish them the best in their onward journeys!

Mr Sakai Naismith
Mr Sakai NaismithCo-Founder
Mr David Corvacho
Mr David CorvachoOperations
Mr Alex Martin
Mr Alex MartinOperations
United States
Khun Petz
Khun PetzTravel Guru
Khun Tobb
Khun TobbTravel Guru
Khun Alice
Khun AliceTravel Guru
Khun Samart
Khun SamartTravel Guru
Khun Pradit
Khun PraditTravel Guru
Khun Chai
Khun ChaiTravel Guru
Khun Alex
Khun AlexTravel Guru