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Where Sidewalks End has evolved over the years to bring you the best in Off The Beaten Path discoveries, as well as creating an atmosphere conducive to Positive Impact Tourism. This could not have been possible without the help of many other travel gurus – experts in their own right. With shared beliefs, goals and inspiration, we have been able to come together to bring something special and unique.

Please meet the members of our World Wide family. Without their hard work, WSE Travel would not have been able to become the world leader in Positive Impact Tourism that it is today.

Ian Ord
Ian OrdFounder & Creative Director
David Corvacho Puente
David Corvacho PuenteTravel Guru - Creator of Dreams
Valentino Booncheard
Valentino BooncheardTravel Guru - Leader of Freestyle & Expedition TRIPs
Alicya Jade
Alicya JadeTravel Guru - Connector of People to the Planet
Greg Snell
Greg SnellTravel Guru - Destinations Expert
Mittie Roger
Mittie RogerTravel Guru - Destinations Expert
Sanja Cuk
Sanja CukTravel Guru - Destinations Expert
Kristin Addis
Kristin AddisTravel Guru - Destinations Expert