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Sak Yant in Los Angeles, California – Get a Sacred Thai Bamboo Tattoo

Experience an ancient ceremony of consulting and being blessed with an enchanted ‘bamboo tattoo’ by a wise Thai shaman from Bangkok.

Clean, Safe, Great Quality, Traditional. Be part of history while adding to your own.

Learn more about Sak Yant with our comprehensive Sak Yant FAQ page.

Space is limited to 10 private sessions per day!
Ajarn Neng is planing a visit to Los Angeles, once the CoVid situation is under control and International travel is easily possible again, to give Sak Yant tattoos. Email Us to get on the waitlist and be amongst the first to be notified once planning starts.

As we are an international company, prices are listed in USD – 1-hour tattoo sessions are $400 USD (helping accommodate flights and accommodations of getting the Ajarn and his assistants/translator overseas).


Getting a Sak Yant in Los Angeles, California, USA

Sak Yant bamboo tattoos are believed to give the bearer a magical blessing to help in their own personal journey.

Sak Yant (traditional Thai ‘bamboo tattoos’) have been around for centuries as a form of protection and enchantment for certain aspects of your life. A wise shaman, known as an ‘Ajarn’ in Thailand, undergoes years of training learning ancient incantations and magical spells while perfecting his craft and knowledge of the spiritual practice of Sak Yant. There are thousands of yantra (magical protective tattoo) designs, each with its own special enchantment and spell. These can range anywhere from “luck in love”, “luck in business”, “protection from harm”, “enchantment for creativity”, and so on.

The enchantments tend to be basic at face value, though through a consultation with your Ajarn, he can find a far deeper connection to your own personal values, aspirations and goals, by associating back-stories of the yantras. Through discussion of your passions, your life goals, challenges you face and fears you have, the Ajarn will have a deeper understanding of what is important and sacred to you. With this information, he will find a protective Sak Yant that embodies those elements to help you in your journey through life. Using his wisdom, you will end up with a yantra that is personalized and profoundly meaningful to you and you alone, even if someone else had a similar design based on their own personal and very different journey.

Note: In the end, you do have the final say if this is a yantra that resonates with you, regardless of his suggestions for you. You will not end up with something which hasn’t been discussed and approved by you first (though it is rare to not find a deep feeling of connection to the wise Ajarn’s suggestions). The highest levels of hygiene and quality are ensured with this ancient experience. New needles and ink pots are used for each guest of the Ajarn.

Who is Ajarn Neng?

Ajarn Neng is one of Thailand’s most respected Ajarns who has given Sak Yant to thousands of Thais and foreign visitors including Brooke Shields and Steven Seagal and was featured in Forbes magazine. He is planning a visit to Los Angeles, once the CoVid situation is under control and International travel is easily possible again, to give Sak Yant tattoos. Email Us to get on the waitlist and be amongst the first to be notified once planning starts.

What is the process of getting a Sak Yant in Los Angeles?

You are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early for your session where you will be briefed and walked through the process. There may be a slight waiting period or the opportunity to start a few minutes early based on the guest before you and the length of their own consultation and Sak Yant. Upon the commencement of your own experience, you will be guided through traditional ceremonies, introduced to Ajarn Neng, and begin your consultation. Your consultation will be translated from English to Thai and vice versa with Ajarn’s assistant, a trusted member of Where Sidewalks End staff. Once a Sak Yant has been determined and agreed upon, you will be given your sacred ink. A final blessing ceremony will take place, and you will be free to go to your next destination. Support both before and after the ink experience will be available for you with any questions you may have regarding the Sak Yant traditional and sacred bamboo tattoos.

Please note: due to the limited time frame available for each guest, we will only be able to offer up to a medium-sized/detailed yantra. Larger can take up to several hours, and will not be available for this event. Some examples of the size/detail that is included can be found below.

Where is the Sak Yant event in Los Angeles going to take place?

We have several partner tattoo shops partners currently optioned, depending on their availability at the time of the future event. Due to the private nature of the experience of getting a Sak Yant tattoo, and wanting to create an ambiance that is conducive to that spirituality and peacefulness, we have selected the best location to do this in, as we will not have the distraction of loud music playing, as you may find in some traditional tattoo shops.

Once you have made your reservation, we will send you a follow-up email (check your junk mail if you don’t see it in the first 10 minutes after the booking). We will give more details and instructions for your Sak Yant. We will also send you a reminder email a day or two before your reservation with some tips and suggestions for getting the most out of your time with your Ajarn.

Learn more about Sak Yant with our comprehensive Sak Yant FAQ page.

This is the first event of its kind in Los Angeles. Experience a traditional Sak Yant in Los Angeles and be part of the ancient history, while adding to your own.

Space is limited to 10 private sessions per day!

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