Getting married in Mexico.

Are you really ready to marry a Mexican? Are you sure?? Haha. Your life will never be boring again, I can guarantee you that! Welcome to a life full of love, fun, drama and lots of ‘helpful’ advice from your in-laws 😉  I can tell you first hand because I married my Mexican wife last year and we now have a very beautiful baby boy.

The following information applies if you are marrying a Mexican citizen, and also if two foreigners are to marry here in Mexico.


Where do you go?

You will need to find your local Registro Civil, and ask for the Matrimonios office (Marriages). Here you will receive your official checklist and do all your paperwork. Requirements may change from state to state.

If you are two foreigners planning on coming to Mexico just to get married, it may be best to find a wedding planner in the area to get everything ready for your big day. It’s becoming quite popular for US and Canadians to head south and get married.


What you will need

→ Passport

→ Visa – Tourist visa, temporary or permanent visa

→ 2 or 4 witnesses depending on where you get married, with their identification

→ Birth Certificate – Apostilled and translated into Spanish

Apostilled means that you need your Birth Certificate officially certified in your home country. It was quiet straight forward for me as an Australian and with a small fee. Check in your home country. Your Birth Certificate can then be translated into Spanish at the Registro Civil for about $500 pesos (US$25).

I have also heard and read that you may also need a medical, blood tests and even chest x-rays, but I didn’t need any of that. So it’s best to check in the local Registro Civil.


How much does it cost to get married in Mexico?


Getting married in Mexico

*Note that these prices are from Oaxaca where I got married, and may vary from state to state.

Ok, so to translate these prices into english… first skip to where it says ‘extranjero’ (foreigner), to the more expensive part… Prices are the same for if one or two foreigners are getting married.

Prices vary depending if you get married at the Civil Registry, at a private location, before or after 3pm or a weekday or weekend.

→ Married at the Civil Registry – $2,233 pesos (Approx US$120)

→ At a private location Monday to Friday before 3pm – $5,236 pesos (Approx US$280)

→ Private location, Monday to Friday after 3pm – $5,777 pesos (Approx US$310)

→ Private location Saturday or Sunday anytime – $7,402 pesos (Approx US$400)


To wrap it up

These are the basic requirements that you will need to get married here in Mexico. The whole process is quite easy and stress free. So head to you local Registro Civil and they will give you your official checklist.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments and I’ll help out with anything I can. 

Wishing you all the best with your future husband or wife!!

Happy Travels!!

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