A Photo Essay

Yi Peng – Chiang Mai’s floating lantern festival

Yi Peng may just possibly be my favourite festival – at least in terms of the sheer beauty one experiences being here! If you would like details on how to get here, please see my Where & When post for the festival. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the photos (make sure you see all the pages, as they keep getting better and better as the night progressed!)

Yi Peng Lanterns Festival Dance 1

Before the lantern ceremony begins, there are several cultural shows to observe around the festival grounds.


Yi Peng Lanterns Festival Dance 2

This was a traditional Lanna ceremony in which 16 woman danced down the center of the grounds on the red carpet.


Yi Peng Lanterns Festival Dance 3

The woman were all in traditional dress, and wore long golden fingernails, which were incorporated into the movements of their hands.


Yi Peng Lanterns Festival Dance 4

The 16 women danced in synchronized movements and it was hypnotizing watching them with the glittering fingernails constantly catching your attention.


Yi Peng Lanterns Festival Dance 5

They danced from the moment dusk broke, until night had finally fallen upon the crowd. A wonderful performance, and very representative of the ancient Lanna culture of Northern Thailand.


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