Oaxaca Vape Store.

Arrived in Oaxaca and looking for a Vape store? Need to top up on some Vape juice or buy a new Vape? Don’t worry, Oaxaca has a couple places where you can get your goods. Both new vapes and lots of liquid.

There’s two recommended vape stores in Oaxaca. Inhala Vape Shop & Club is in Centro, just 2 blocks north of the church La Soledad. And A Vapear is the second located 5 minutes from Centro in Xoxocotlan.

No matter where you are in Mexico, if you can’t find a Vape store nearby, I’ve ordered a few times from ecig.mx which are located in Mexico City. You can send them messages on WhatsApp or call them, deposit into their account at any OXXO store and you should receive your order in 3-4 days for a delivery cost of around $150 pesos ($7 USD).

Oaxaca E-Juice

Endless supplies of Vape Juice flavours from Mexico and USA

What are the Vape Stores like in Mexico?

You will find everything you need in Mexico in the Vape stores. High quality Vapes, accessories, coils and juices. There are vape juices made here in Mexico and also imported from USA. You’ll find all the different flavours that you are used to back home and get to try them before you buy without any problems.

Oaxaca Vapes

Great selections of Vapes

How much does Vape juice cost in Mexico?

For the juice made in Mexico, you’re looking at around $220 pesos ($10 USD) for 60ml. For juices imported from USA, around the $300 – $350 pesos ($16 – $19 USD) for 60ml.

Oaxaca Vape Juice

Mexican brand Vape juices

Does the Vape juice in Mexico come with nicotine?

Yes is the simple answer. I’m not exactly sure of the laws, this is just my personal experience… Every place I’ve bought juice from, both Mexico City and Oaxaca, they sell you the juice at whatever strength you like. The nicotine is added to your liking.

All round, vaping in Mexico is going to be pretty easy for you. How have your experiences been Vaping and finding Vape Stores in Mexico? Please leave a comment, I’d love to hear.

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Happy Travels Amigos!!