Smart Pickpocket Proof Unisex Hoodie with 4 Secret Pockets - by Clever Travel Companion

How do you keep your valuables safe, no matter where you go or what you do?

The CTC Travel Hoodie is a true certified traveler's must have.

The Clever Travel Companion's Smart Travel Hoodie comes with 4 Enormous Secret Pockets! The sheer amount of valuables this laid back, comfortable but practical utility jacket can keep safe and hidden away is truly epic! The lower pockets will fit even an iPad and will feel as if they're completely empty.

So ditch the fanny pack, the money pouch and even the carry on luggage 'coz the Clever Travel Companion Smart Travel Hoodie is all you will ever need!

100% Cotton, Metal zipper pullers, plastic zipper (does not set off Airport security)




The multiple concealed zipper pockets are conveniently placed to ensure the wearer remains comfortable and their valuables safe at all times, even when full. It also ensures practicality; you’ll be able to empty them into the airport security tray within seconds with no awkward fiddling and fill them up again the other side hassle-free in no time at all. Best of all, nobody around you will be have any idea you were carrying so much! There are 4 pockets in total. 2 pockets are located on each side of the chest area and are large enough to fit the biggest of smartphones (iPhone 6+ with case fits with ease), passports, cash, credit cards and more. The 2 lower pockets placed on each side of the stomach area are sized to fit an iPad and even a book and magazine or newspaper.

The light design also means its practical to wear in both hot and cold climates; use it to keep your valuables safe on the beach, keep the sun off you on a jungle hike, or keep you warm whilst skiing – Its a must have for all types of travel!

Sizing Notes:

Available in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, large, X-Large, XX-Large.
Sizing example: The Small is a good fit for a woman’s US 8-10 (see picture: model normally wears a US 8 and is wearing a size Small). The Large is a standard US mens large.


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