Siquijor Sacred Experience – Make Your Own Love Potion

Siquijor love potions have become all the craze in the Philippines in recent years – though most are store bought. In this exclusive tour, you can meet a local healer, and be guided all around the island in search of the necessary ingredients to make your very own love potion! From the top of the mountain’s forests, to snorkelling amongst mangroves, from busy local markets, to serene local churches – this experience gets all the elements of this mystic island and puts them into a bottle of your own special potion!

Who knows – maybe this special Siquijor love potion will help you meet your soulmate, or strengthen the bonds you already have with your partner? There’s only one way to find out…


Make a love potion with the healers of Siquijor



Item Details
Pick-up Point Your Siqujor Hotel (specified to us ‘after’ your online reservation via email)
Drop-off Point Your Siquijor Hotel
Duration Between 8-10 hours (depending on distance of your hotel, and number of people in your private group)
Physical Level Moderate (hiking and swimming involved)
Cultural Rating Moderate – Interactive cultural exchange
Ages 18+ (younger than 18 must be accompanied by an adult)
Group Size Private – Max 8 people per booking/group


Itinerary for making a love potion with the healers of Siquijor

We start your day early, as the island can get quite warm by midday. With a 9am pickup from your hotel, we’ll head straight to the San Juan market to sample some of Siquijor island’s famous pastries and a unique chocolate drink made here (what better way to start a love potion experience than by drinking the nectar of the gods?).

From here, we’ll visit a local Church to collect some sacred ingredients necessary for your special filipino love potion. We’ll head from here up into the forest on Mt Bandilaan and learn about some of the flora and fauna found the island – being the source of life for the islanders, and home to some of the most of the unique ingredients that go into all the potions made in Siquijor.

By now, you’ll have worked up a good appetite. We’ll stop in the middle of the jungle for a picnic, which will be guaranteed to be one of the best lunches you’ll have in the Philippines (most dietary requests can be met, but must be made in advance).

With your bellies full, we’ll hike into the lush Bulalakaw Forest in search of more special additions to your custom love potion. Our last stop will be a trip to the sea in search of some water based elements. We may even go snorkelling should the weather permit it! From churches, to forests, mountains to the sea, you’ll be traversing across much of the island’s landscapes to piece together your magical recipe.

Now, with our sachet full of love potion constituents full, we will go to your healer’s house to make the potion. You will be walked through all the reasons these ingredients were chosen, and their significance to making the love potion. It’s a very comprehensive and fascinating process and reasoning behind your special selection of herbs, all carefully considered to come together to make this ancient concoction.

From here, you may either be dropped off at your hotel… or you can test your new love potion out at a romantic restaurant, such as U Story in San Juan, for sunset. Should you choose to go to U Story, we also suggest trying one of their island-famous massages at U Story (optional).

We feel honoured to share this special and sacred experience with you, and hope your new love potion brings you the luck and enchantment you hope for!

Who helps you make a love potion in Siquijor?

A very special healer on the island of Siquijor also happens to be a man of several other talents – an artist, a massage specialist, as well as one of the top guides on the island! Junel has been practicing the sacred healing techniques for years, and picked up several other skills along the way. Through careful consideration to the sacred aspects of the this ancient practice, Junel agreed to help us curate a respectful expedition around the island of Siquijor to collect all the ingredients necessary for the famed Love Potion – one of the many potions made here. This is an exclusive experience since though possible to buy the love potion, no one else will share the secret (and often difficult to find) ingredients that go into the potion itself, and it will certainly not have the same potency or effectiveness as one you made yourself.

What is included in your Love Potion Experience in Siquijor?

Your love potion experience includes:
– information provided before your experience to educate you and properly prepare you
– pick-up and drop-off transfers to your hotel (must be located in Siquijor Island).
Note: We will use a private vehicle to get to the healers, as many are located in the mountains. We will use either a small SUV or a bigger tricycle (converted motorcycles with a carriage) depending on your group size.
– a specially trained and licensed guide who will facilitate your experience (and who happens to be a healer)
– Jungle Picnic – Local meal (dietary restrictions available)
– Lifejackets
– Snorkelling equipment (weather dependent)
– Church herbs donation
– Water and snacks
– Bottles for your love potion

What is not included in your Love Potion Experience in Siquijor?

Travel Insurance (Compulsory)
– International flights or transportation to/from the itinerary’s start point
– Accommodation in Siquijor (we suggest Agoda for the best hotel rates)
– Activities not listed in the itinerary
– Meals not listed in the itinerary
– Gratuities and tips
– All drinks
– Spending Money
– Dinner/Massage at U-Story

More information about the significance of the love potions in Siquijor

What are love potions in Siquijor?

The healers of Siquijor have been practicing various magical techniques predating Spanish and Islamic colonization of the filipino archipelago. Shunned by the church, for decades the practice was seen as witchcraft and many neighbouring islands thought Siquijor was cursed as a result. In fact, many of the ancient practices have now intertwined with religious artifacts and ceremonies overlapping, though the practices themselves are still unique and maintain the wisdom of the elders. However, with more global acceptance and intrigue in cultural differences, the island has started to see a boom of interest, especially from fellow filipinos. One of the main practices that gained the most attention in recent years has been the love potion.

It makes sense – if you search aphrodisiacs online, you’ll get more than 12 million results, showing that there’s definitely an interest in finding ways to help in finding your perfect match, or rekindling a passionate flame with your partner. The question that most people ask though, of course, is “Does it work?”. No healer will give a certain 100% guarantee – as much of the magic of any spell will come from your own belief in its power, and the way you carry yourself after. If you use a love potion, but then treat your date like a jerk, I don’t think there’s much that can save that situation. Though if you believe in the potion’s power, and with this, it brings you confidence, it is proven that confidence attracts people to you. On that level alone, the potion will be doing exactly what it is intended to. We asked a healer’s wife if the potion works, and she jokingly said “of course, how do you think he ended up with me?!”

This is not the only magical practice in Siquijor, but it is certainly an important one. If you would like to get the opportunity to learn about the ancient wisdom and folklore surrounding one of the most unique traditions found in the Philippines, This experience is for you!

Supporting Local Projects with our TRiP Foundation

Every TRiP that you go on with WSE Travel, we will donate 2% (or $1/day per day, per person – whichever is greater) to an environmental or community-based project in the country you’re visiting. We want to ensure that every guest we help, in turn helps support and preserve the destination we’re experiencing together as a direct result. We live by an ethos to Travel Responsibly & Impact Positively (TRiP).

For more information on the projects supported by this experience, please visit our Philippines TRIP projects.

3 reviews for Siquijor Sacred Experience – Make Your Own Love Potion

  1. Luna Rodriguez (verified owner)

    A different and very unique way to discover the island of Siquijor!

    I highly recommend this experience for those who truly want to immerse in the culture of traditional healing and the mysticism and the legends around one of the most underrated islands in The Philippines!

    Our guide and the master of healers Junel, took us on a very authentic adventure for a little more than 4 hours. We drove across the entire island to collect all the ingredients for our personal love potions. From the sea to the mountains, passing through rainforests and mangroves, waterfalls and rivers, Junel helped us gather everything we needed. We even got some honey from a beehive below a woman’s house! We ended our tour doing a small cleanse and ceremony with our ready-to-use love potions.

    This tour is really something else! I can’t wait to go on more adventures with WSE Travel around the world!

  2. Leemarc carpio yapchulay

    I want to buy gayuma.. because my ex gf left me

  3. PATRICK BRUNELLE (verified owner)

    While on Siquijor during holy week, we were looking for something fun, different and mystic!! we found what we were looking for. From the fist minute, we were taken in charge by our guide which was extremely knowledgeable. he went through the history of Siquijor and why this island is so special. We went to collect all our ingredients for our love potion with two herbalists. Every steps of collecting those herbs and plants were explained by our guide and why they are needed in the potion. We stopped a few times along the way to taste local delicacies in small markets.

    We stopped for lunch at a very quiet and beautiful waterfall where its possible to swim. Then, went to have the potion activated by a local healer. Again our guide explained the process which was so interesting. Basically,we had an awesome experience. Well worth the price and the time.

    We definitely recommend this experience. Thanks guys at WSE 🙂

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