Sacred Skin: Thailand’s Spirit Tattoos – Flexibound

by Tom Vater and Aroon Thaewchatturat

From 2 of the world’s leading experts in the art of Sak Yant, this book takes you on a deep, entrancing path into a society’s ancient tradition which for centuries has remained relatively unknown… until recently.

Many people became familiar with this style of tattoo when celebrity Angelina Jolie was branded during on of her stays in SE Asia. However, not many know much of the history, origins or reasons behind the tattoos – let alone their protective powers.

Join Tom and Aroon as they take you deep into the sub culture of this ancient art.


When photographer Aroon Thaewchatturat and writer Tom Vater apporached publisher Hans Kemp of Visionary World in Hong Kong with the idea of doing a book on the amazing Sak Yant of Thailand, the idea hit home right away.

The ensuing months saw the authors and publisher very closely work together, developing a concept to portray not only the tattoos but to lend a voice to the wearers as well.

The result, Sacred Skin, designed by award winning graphic artist AustiVonNEW, is a compelling introdcution to Sak Yant and its unique place in Thai society.

With 200 pages chockfull of beautiful portraits featuring fully tattooed masters and devotees, a comprehensive secton detailing individual yants and an engaging and insightful text, Sacred Skin will appeal to tattoo enthusiasts, (photo)graphic art lovers and those interested in Asian culture alike.


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