Eating Thai Food Guide - eBook

by Mark Wiens

By reading the Eating Thai Food Guide, you will gain an education on what and how to order Thai food, be able to recognize the different regional variations and genres of Thai cuisine, and be able to have amazing Thai meal experiences that you will never forget.

After you finish reading the Eating Thai Food Guide you’ll know exactly how to take advantage of the most delicious Thai food.




Here’s a glimpse at what you’re going to learn in the Eating Thai Food Guide:

  • Important Thai Food Phrases – Some of the most important food and restaurant related phrases that will assist you in successfully ordering food (written in English, phonetic pronunciation, and Thai script)
  • Thai Meal Plans – Thai food is served family style (everyone gets a plate of rice and shares the main dishes), the Eating Thai Food Guide is laid out with easy-to-use meal plans (including photos) that show exactly what dishes to order to enjoy a complete and delicious Thai feast that will touch on all the taste buds!
  • Different Genres of Thai Food – Thailand is a big country and there’s a few genres of Thai food that are important to know before one can successfully enjoy Thai food. Would you prefer to eat plain rice or sticky rice?
  • Styles of Thai Cooking – From steaming to stir frying – learn the methods and ways that Thai food is cooked.
  • Thai Eating Etiquette – Do you know how to eat like a Thai? Learn Thai eating manners and techniques.
  • Written in English and Thai – All Thai foods and restaurants written in Thai, so you can easily show your taxi driver where you’re going and the address.
  • Thai Noodle Guide – Not such a fan of rice everyday? Thailand doesn’t just have 1 kind of noodle, there are all sizes, shapes, and flavors. Get the names with the pictures to find out what type of noodle to order.
  • Thai Dish Encyclopedia – Included is an encyclopedia of 140 plus of the best Thai foods. For each dish there is a photo, the name of the dish, pronunciation, Thai script, all of the main ingredients, what genre of Thai food it is (extremely helpful for ordering Thai food).
  • My Favorite Restaurants – Tips on some of my favorite restaurants in Bangkok and Chiang Mai
  • BONUS – Thai Drinks List – a list of the best Thai drinks
  • BONUS – Thai Desserts Guide – Over 60 Thai desserts with pictures to choose from!

By reading the Eating Thai Food Guide, you will not only gain an education on what and how to order Thai food, you’ll also learn about the different regional variations and genres of Thai cuisine.


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