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The Complete Siem Reap Experience – Angkor Wat and Tonle Sap Lake

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The Complete Siem Reap Experience – Angkor Wat and Tonle Sap Lake


4 Days ex Siem Reap

We believe to truly appreciate one of the world's most important archaeological sites, it must not be rushed. We feel the best experiences with a site of such significance, as with people, comes from taking the time to get to know them properly. We feel the same must be said about Angkor Wat and its surroundings.

We have put together a comfortable package with an expert guide and driver, who will be able to engage you with Angkor Wat and help you find appreciation in it for what interests you most. With a mix of culture, off the beaten path exploration, history and all at a pace you can handle, we aim to bridge the gap between you and this ancient civilization.

If you want to connect with Siem Reap and see it as it was meant to be seen, join us as we show you the magnificence of the Angkorian Empire.

*Prices are $300 per person, based on double occupancy. A single supplement of $200 is required for individuals or odd numbers of travellers in need of their own room, private transportation and/or guide.

*Group discounted rates may be given for groups of 6 explorers or more. Contact Us for details.

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What should I expect on this TRIP?

This 4 day, 3 night tour will give you a full exposure to one of the world’s greatest archaeological sites, Angkor Wat. During your stay you will be accompanied by an expert guide in Angkorian history and architecture, and have private transportation throughout, without the hassle of large group buses. This TRIP will go at your pace. When you’re ready to move on, your driver will be there waiting for you!

As a special bonus, this TRIP also includes an evening journey down to Tonle Sap, where you’ll board a slow boat to cruise around a floating village and watch the sunset on this massive lake.

You’ll see the best of what Siem Reap has to offer, have free time at your disposal for wandering, and not have any of the hassle of trying find a decent guide and then barter them down in price. Everything is looked after for you, with your comfort and service in mind.

Experience Angkor Wat and Tonle Sap in the way they were meant to be experienced.

Where does this TRIP go?


  • Siem Reap
  • Angkor Archaeological Site (includes Angkor Wat)
  • Tonle Sap Lake

What Highlights will I see around Siem Reap?

  • One of the most important archaeological sites in South-East Asia, the UNESCO Heritage site: Angkor Archaeological Park (inclusive of Angkor Wat).
  • Allow the majesty of Angkor reveal itself to you from the darkness of night with a sunrise viewing of Angkor Wat.
  • Get off the beaten path and visit a nearby floating village only a small percentage of tourists to Siem Reap will visit with a sunset boat trip on Tonle Sap Lake .

What is included?

  • 3 nights in Siem Reap staying at a 3 star boutique hotel, a stone’s throw from the centre of town
  • Full 3 day pass to Angkor Wat
  • Sunrise at Angkor Wat.
  • 2 full days with an Angkor Wat Travel Guru (guide) & driver to escort you around the city limits
  • Sunset Boat trip on the Tonle Sap Lake in the lesser explored area of Kampong Kliang
  • Breakfast each day at the hotel
  • Arrival and Departure Transfers from the airport/bus station

What is NOT included?

  • Travel Insurance (Compulsory)
  • International flights or transportation to/from the itinerary’s start point
  • Activities not listed in the itinerary
  • Meals not listed in the itinerary
  • Gratuities and tips
  • All drinks
  • Spending Money

Supporting Local Foundations

WSE Travel - Dollar-A-Day Projects - Positive Impact Tourism

Every TRIP that you go on with WSE Travel, we will donate $1 USD per day, per person, to an environmental project and another dollar-a-day to a community based project in the country you’re visiting. For information on the projects for this TRIP, please click on the link below: Cambodia Dollar-A-Day Projects


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