WSE Travel - Sunset - Stanley Park, Vancouver

Sunset while walking around Stanley Park, Vancouver

Sunset in Stanley Park, Vancouver

One of my favorite pass-times when visiting Vancouver, is to walk along the exterior wall of Stanley Park right before sunset. It’s a gorgeous walk with the water’s edge to one side, and one of the world’s largest rain forests in a city’s interior to your other side. As you make your way along the path circumnavigating Stanley Park’s seaside edge, you’ll often find interesting pieces of art people have left the mark with: graffiti, soap stone carvings, paintings for sale, and in the case of this photograph, rock towers which have been permanently installed using metal rods.

It’s a beautiful way to end your day. I’d highly suggest Stanley Park to anyone with a spare evening in the city of Vancouver, Canada.

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WSE Travel - Stanley Park walk

Sunset while walking around Stanley Park, Vancouver