This is a photo essay on the temple Wat Bang Phra, just outside Bangkok in Thailand. This is where  I got my Sak Yant bamboo tattoo with my brother by a monk at the temple seen below. If you would like more details on how to get here, along with photos of the tattoos themselves, please check out the full article on our experience getting ours by clicking here: Sak Yant: Getting inked the ol’ fashioned way in Thailand.

Exploring the temple’s grounds


Wat Bang Phra - Sak Yant - the temple

Wat Bang Phra – The temple where it all happens


Wat Bang Phra - Sak Yant - Small shrines

Small shrines and pagodas are scattered throughout the property


Wat Bang Phra - Sak Yant - Buddha shrine

A Buddha shrine


Wat Bang Phra - Sak Yant - big gong

A really big gong


Wat Bang Phra - Sak Yant - Monks in the shade

Monks in the shade


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