WSE Travel - Nepenthes pitcher plants

Nepenthes pitcher plants

The Nepenthes, more commonly known as “Pitcher Plants” can be found in humid jungles all around South East Asia. The most density for diversity of the different species can be found in the pairing islands of Sumatra and Borneo. The Nepenthes pictured above was found in Bako National Park, in Malaysian Borneo. This unusual flower is actually carnivorous!

The flower ‘cup’ fills with rain water which attracts insects to come in for a drink. Mix this with it’s slippery walls and it’s own secretions which make the water thicker like a syrop, the unknowing insect will eventually drown. Much like the Venus Fly Trap, the Nepenthes pitcher plants will then absorb it’s prey’s nutrients.

Don’t worry though, it’s pretty harmless to people – even monkeys have been spotted quenching their thirst from the captured rain water. The jungle’s an incredible, wild world when the plants eat you!

Have you ever seen a carnivorous plant?

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WSE Travel - Borneo nepenthes pitcher plant

Borneo nepenthes pitcher plant