Loi Krathong Bangkok - crowds gathering at Kiak Kai pier

The crowds patiently wait at Kiak Kai pier for their turn to send their Loi Krathong down stream


Loi Krathong Bangkok - Making final wishes

Locals making their final wishes before the Loi Krathong’s maiden voyage


Loi Krathong Bangkok - Sending the Loi Krathong into the river

Sending a Loi Krathong into the river


Loi Krathong Bangkok - Crowds at Kiak Kai pier

The crowds waiting patiently for their turn at Kiak Kai pier


Loi Krathong Bangkok - Hundreds of Loi Krathong in the river

Hundreds of Loi Krathong glimmer in the river as they get rocked around by the wakes of passing boats


Loi Krathong Bangkok - Making merits with a Yi Peng lantern

A family making their merits with a Yi Peng lantern


Loi Krathong Bangkok - Lighting a Yi Peng lantern

I think there was a lot of emotion in the release of this Yi Peng lantern – I hope his wish comes true!


Loi Krathong Bangkok - The local watering hole at Kiak Kai pier

A perfect end to the night – some drinks and music down at the local watering hole by Kiak Kai pier

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Have you ever participated in Loi Krathong? Where were you when it happened? If not, have you ever experienced a similar festival? Where was it, and what did it involve? Feel free to share your stories and feedback in the comment section below!

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WSE Travel - Loi Krathong Bangkok - So many Loi Krathongs to choose from

The variety of Loi Krathongs is endless. Each one is hand crafted with a unique touch and elegance. Just look how many are still waiting to make it on to the table!!!