Loi Krathong Bangkok - A prayer room

Just next to the chaos outside was a quiet prayer room, where people were making wishes before lighting their Loi Krathong.


Loi Krathong Bangkok - A monk checking on the donations

A monk stopped by just to check on the donations & bless some of the wishes that were made by those whole made alms here.


Loi Krathong Bangkok - Wat Kaeo Fa Chulamani

Wat Kaeo Fa Chulamani next to Kiak Kai pier (N21) was quite busy during the ceremony!


Loi Krathong Bangkok - Child and a Kong

This child was excited to bang away on the Buddhist Kong inside the Wat Kaeo Fa Chulamani!


Loi Krathong Bangkok - Blessing Buddhas

I’m not sure of the meaning behind this ritual, but Thais were pouring oils into a jar in front of each of the 8 Buddhas recognized in Thailand.


Loi Krathong Bangkok - Monk overseeing blessings

A monk was busy overseeing all the blessings being made with the oils


Loi Krathong Bangkok - Full Moon

The full moon was out in full force that night. Nicely visible for the lunar celebration!


Loi Krathong Bangkok - Children with their Loi Krathongs

2 children each preparing their Loi Krathong for it’s voyage down the river


Loi Krathong Bangkok - Marianne and her Loi Krathong

Marianne with our Loi Krathong


Loi Krathong Bangkok - Excited foreng

This foreng (foreigner) is WAY too excited for his Loi Krathong!!


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