Loi Krathong Festival in Bangkok

A story in photos of an ancient Thai celebration

Loi Krathong was such a beautiful celebration, and fascinating on the cultural aspect, that I wanted to share some of my favourite photos from it. This 3 page photo essay looks at the various elements we witnessed at Kiak Kai pier in Bangkok. If you’d like a full description of the festival, please feel free to check out the detailed post of our off-beaten-path adventure here! Otherwise, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Loi Krathong Bangkok - Many Loi Krathong lotus boats for sale

Thousands of Lotus shaped boats for sale, at rock bottom prices given the work involved in making them!


Loi Krathong Bangkok - crowds of locals heading to Kiak Kai pier

Crowds of locals heading to Kiak Kai pier


Loi Krathong Bangkok - Loi Krathong floats for sale

100’s of Loi Krathong floats for sale – Just look at all the ones yet to go onto the table!


Loi Krathong Bangkok - So many Loi Krathongs to choose from

The variety of Loi Krathongs is endless. Each one is hand crafted with a unique touch and elegance.


Loi Krathong Bangkok - Our Loi Krathong flowers

This is the Loi Krathong we finally chose – I believe it was 40 Thai baht (roughly $1.30 USD)


Loi Krathong Bangkok - Street meat

A delicious selection of street meat! Marinated chicken and pork BBQd to perfection


Loi Krathong Bangkok - insect vendors

Another street meat, of the insect variety. Would you eat one of these critters?


Loi Krathong Bangkok - Fun for the whole family

This family was very excited to be celebrating Loi Krathong with their young one! I think it might be passed her bedtime.

Loi Krathong Bangkok - Entrance to Wat Kaeo Fa Chulamani

The entrance gate to Wat Kaeo Fa Chulamani had a constant flow of people coming to celebrate Loi Krathong


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