Ian’s ever evolving Travel Bucket List

As life goes on, my travel bucket list will grow and evolve, just as we do when we travel. My interests may change, and opportunities which weren’t possible before may become available. This is perhaps a little late in the making, as I’ve already completed some of my travel bucket list items over the years. This list will continue to be updated until of course… I kick the bucket.

Travel Bucket List Item - Annapurna Base Camp

May I present to you…  My Travel Bucket List:

  1. Skydive solo – Completed Jun, 1999
  2. Skydive tandem
  3. Bungee Jump
  4. Hike to Mount Annapurna’s Base Camp – Completed Dec, 2000
  5. Hike to Mount Everest’s Base Camp
  6. Hike Mount Kilimanjaro
  7. Visit the Pyramids of Egypt – Completed Sep, 2000
  8. Set foot on continental Antarctica – Completed Feb, 2011
  9. Sail across an Ocean
  10. Live abroad for a year – Completed Nov, 2012
  11. Volunteer for an NGO – Completed Feb, 2012
  12. Hike the Great Wall of China
  13. Get my SCUBA Diving PADI certification – Completed Mar, 2011
  14. Become a SCUBA Diving Dive Master
  15. Visit all 7 continents – Completed Feb, 2011
  16. Learn to speak conversational Spanish
  17. Learn to speak conversational Thai
  18. Learn to speak conversational Tagolog
  19. Make front page of a newspaper
  20. Invent something which changes the world
  21. Circumnavigate the world by land  and sea only
  22. Bicycle across a country
  23. Climb an active volcano – Completed May, 2001
  24. Dogsled
  25. Fly in a Helicopter
  26. Learn to fly a glider
  27. Run a marathon
  28. Swim with a whale shark – Completed Jun, 2012
  29. Get high (in the air) on a hot air balloon during Albuquerque’s Balloon Fiesta, New Mexico, USA
  30. Avoid getting trampled while running with the bulls during San Fermin Festiva in Pamplona, Spain
  31. Drive a tuk tuk in one of the Adventurists’ rallies
  32. Learn to drive manual transmission – partial completion (semi automatic scooters in the Philippines)
  33. Participate in the tomato festival in Buñol, Spain
  34. Go to Carnival in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Completed Feb, 2007
  35. Stay in an Ice Hotel
  36. Build and sleep in an igloo
  37. Eat my own body weight of crayfish at Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  38. Buy an Island and build a home there
  39. Pingxi Lantern festival in Taiwan
  40. Be a zombie in a zombie walk – Completed Oct, 2011
  41. Learn Brazilian Capoeira
  42. See a broadway show in New York city
  43. Participate in Holi festival in India
  44. Camp in the Grand Canyon
  45. Build a crazy contraption to exhibit at Burning Man festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA
  46.  Set off fireworks at Las Fallas in Valencia
  47. Drink a Guinness Beer in Dublin, Ireland on St Patricks Day
  48. Get soaked at Songkran water festival in Thailand – Completed April, 2012
  49. Join a drum circle during Panafest in Ghana
  50. Wear some lader-hosen, drink some pilsners and eat some sausages at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
  51. Get ‘humped’ (riding a camel) during the Pushkar Camel Festival in India
  52. Dance in the Ocean during a full moon party in Hadrin, Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand – Completed Feb, 2011
  53. Stomp grapes to make wine in Argentina
  54. Learn to spin pizza dough in Italy
  55. Go to a meditation retreat for one week
  56. Hang out with my ginger bearded brothers, the Orangutans, in the wildCompleted May, 2012
  57. Get my donkey kong on with the some Gorillas in Uganda
  58. Get blessed by the Dalai Lama in Daramsala, India
  59. Become a member of the Jane Goodall foundation and help fight her cause! – completed Apr, 2011
  60. Visit Burma (Myanmar)… before the tourists do!

Do you have your own travel bucket list? Are there any personal challenges, destinations or festivals you could suggest me adding to my own travel bucket list? Please share your own travel bucket list stories and suggestions in the comment section below![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]