WSE Travel - Gold Coast Australia-East-Side

Gold Coast Australia. Beautiful!

The Gold Coast’s Byron Bay

If ever venturing along the Gold Coast of Australia’s eastern shores, you’ll undoubtedly end up in a beautiful town known as Byron Bay. Here you’ll find Australia’s most Easterly Point, as first recorded by Captain Cook while he sailed past on the Endeavor in 1770. The city, along with much of the gold coast, has a fair amount of nature and trails to explore. There is a light house atop a hill, easily accessible by paved hiking trails, where you can overlook the easterly point. If you wish to be a little more daring, you can climb out amongst the crashing waves and rocky shore line to Australia’s actual most Easterly point. Often you will find local fisherman casting off from these rocks. One was even kind enough to offer me one of his catch from the day!

*Disclaimer: Please be careful if climbing out amongst the rocks! Do so at your own risk and comfort level, preferably in the company of a friend. 😉

WSE Travel - Byron Bay, NSW, Australia - Map

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia – Map

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WSE Travel - Gold Coast Australia. Beautiful!

Gold Coast Australia. Beautiful!