Sak Yant in Toronto – Get a Sacred Bamboo Tattoo from a Thai Shaman

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Venture deep into the ancient, sacred practice of visiting a shamanistic master and being blessed with a sacred bamboo tattoo by one of Thailand’s most revered masters, Ajarn Neng.

Sak Yant (traditional Thai ‘bamboo tattoos’) have been around for centuries as a form of protection and enchantment for certain aspects of your life. This traditional tattoo involves consulting with a wise shaman, known as an ‘Ajarn’ in Thailand. During your consultation you are encouraged to discuss your innermost values and passions and have a personalized yantra (magical protective tattoo) chosen for you by the ajarn. By discussing your passions, your life goals, challenges you face and fears you have, the ajarn will have a deeper understanding of what is important and sacred to you, and find a protective sak yant which embodies them to help you in your journey through life.

Ajarn Neng is one of Thailand’s most respected ajarns who has given sak yant to thousands of Thais and foreign visitors including Brooke Shields and Steven Segal, and was featured in Forbes magazine. He will be visiting Toronto from September 8th to 17th, 2017 and giving traditional consultations and sak yant in Toronto.

Learn more about sak yant with our comprehensive Sak Yant FAQ page.

Space is limited to 10 private sessions per day!
Reserve your session with Ajarn Neng here: Sak Yant in Toronto