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  • If you would like to reserve space for your Eco Experience in Siquijor, you can see availability right in the calendar below. It will be a private tour for you, so as soon as you book we will block off that day from anyone else as well. To book your experience, you can select the number of people in your group, select the date and available time and proceed to Book Now. Please make sure all 3 fields are properly selected for the Book Now field to appear. Upon completion of your online reservation, you will get a welcome email requesting some additional information (such as pickup location), sent to the email you use during checkout (if you don’t see it, it may be in your junk-mail folder). Please reply to that as soon as you can. Want to experience more from this sacred and mysterious island? Check out our other Siquijor Experiences!
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    Once considered a haunted island in the Philippines, the perception of the healers in Siquijor has rapidly changed to being recognized as an island of healers! Join us to visit the various healers, and undergo a spiritual cleanse yourself! You may go with a specific intention in mind (physical, mental or emotional, that you would like help with), or you may simply to learn of an ailment or spiritual curse you may have already though weren't aware of! Be fully immersed in this ancient practice while being helped to respect all the customs and traditions, and learn why this island is quickly growing in popularity with Filipinos and foreigners alike!
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    Siquijor love potions have become all the craze in the Philippines in recent years - though most are store bought. In this exclusive tour, you can meet a local healer, and be guided all around the island in search of the necessary ingredients to make your very own love potion! From the top of the mountain's forests, to snorkelling amongst mangroves, from busy local markets, to serene local churches - this experience gets all the elements of this mystic island and puts them into a bottle of your own special potion! Who knows - maybe this special Siquijor love potion will help you meet your soulmate, or strengthen the bonds you already have with your partner? There's only one way to find out...