Hiking and the legendary Polar Swim!

Deception Island, Antarctica - Ice Pirates on the Peak

This group of “Ice Pirates” was happy to reach the top!

Deception Island, Antarctica - Climbing a peak

One final peak to be climbed before heading down for a frosty dip!

Deception Island - Polar Swim Team

The Antarctica Polar Swim Team (check out the video below!)

Deception Island, Antarctica - A polar swim

A few people braved the seas before we built up the courage. Their reaction wasn’t overly inspiring!

Deception Island, Antarctica - Heading back to the ship

After an incredible journey to Deception Island, we made our way back to the warmth and comfort of our awaiting ship.

For further information regarding Deception Island, check out my article here

Have you ever been somewhere volcanic? What were your experiences there? What was the animal and plant life surrounding the volcano?

Don’t be shy – share your stories and feedback in the comment section below!

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WSE Travel - Deception Island, Antarctica - Hiking the volcanos peaks

A group of intrepid explorers decide to hike the rocky terrain.