A Volcano in the Antarctic Sea

Deception Island in Pictures

Deception Island is one of those places you probably don’t want to just find yourself ‘stuck’ on. Unlike tropical islands with palm trees, and a warm sea breeze, this island is perhaps the polar opposite (pun intended). In the harsh Antarctic climate, Deception Island bursts from the ocean floor, creating a desolate landscape, with very unforgiving conditions. Yet life emerges. Penguins, Sea Lions and other Antarctic flora and fauna have found a way to make use of it’s sheltered walls.

We hope you enjoy the several pages of photographs of our journey to Deception Island, below.

 Deception Island

Deception Island - Making a landing

Enter at your own risk – a group making a landing!

Deception Island, Antarctica - Landing on shore

Everyone for this group arrives safely on shore so we can commence our exploration of this incredible geographical landscape.

Deception Island, Antarctica - Rugged cliffs

Greeted by beautiful volcanic cliffs which enclose the rim, sheltering it somewhat from the outside elements.

Deception Island, Antarctica - Hiking the shoreline

The rugged landscape makes for incredible un-earthly scenery!

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