Convivio Co-Working Space, Restaurant and Cultural Centre

Located in Oaxaca, Mexico

Convivio Oaxaca - community centre

Where Sidewalks End is a proud partner of Convivio – a unique socially responsible community centre in the heart of Oaxaca. The vision and ethos of Convivio are perfectly in line with what WSE Travel strives to create with the cultures we interact with around the globe. The main focus revolves around community, education, and the celebration of local heritage and diversity. Convivio actually translates to “Living Together”. The space itself serves many functions with the communities that co-exist in Oaxaca as well!

Co-Working Space

Convivio Oaxaca - best coworking space in oaxaca

Convivio has been ranked as the number one co-working space in Oaxaca since 2017 on several co-working and digital nomad ranking sites. This has little to do with it having the fastest internet in the city (though that certainly doesn’t hurt), but more-so because of the welcoming atmosphere that has been created here by those who come to work. A nice touch is the bottomless coffee and mezcal available to those while co-working.

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Cross-cultural Education

One of the beautiful aspects of having a space which is equally welcoming to locals and foreigners, is that there is so much which can be learned from one another. From the foreigner’s perspective, just having a space which is popular amongst locals is a great way to make new friends in the place they are visiting or living in and learning about local customs, traditions and ways of life. There are also many workshops where locals can teach about unique skills perhaps only found here in Mexico or within this community. From the local’s perspective, many of those living here or passing through who are working online have many job skills sets which can be transferrable to the local’s businesses… from online marketing to web and graphic design to name only a few; there are many great opportunities to learn from one another here!


Convivio Oaxaca - live music in oaxaca

From Sing-along nights, to industry nights, to being the host venue for the Oaxaca Travel Massive chapter, to game nights, there is always something interesting happening here which brings people together and strengthens the sense of community in Oaxaca.


Convivo Oaxaca - DJ nights

One of Oaxaca’s top venues on the tour circuit around Mexico, Convivio draws in bands (and crowds) from around the world! You’re pretty much guaranteed to have someone interesting every weekend, be it local musicians or DJ’s from Oaxaca, to groups coming in from around the country and beyond! It’s a nice change of pace from the typical “Top 40” music played in a lot of venues – though there are a few other spots which offer this type of diversity, Convivio is always far more consistent in its delivery.

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Art and Photography Galleries

Convivo Oaxaca - cocktails and nightlife

Oaxaca has a thriving community of artists living here. It wouldn’t seem right to have a space celebrating the community if there weren’t regular art gallery openings (once per month) to exhibit some of the gorgeous work from around Oaxaca!

Food & Drinks

Convivio Oaxaca - mexican food in oaxaca
Oaxaca is perhaps best known around Mexico for being one of the gastronomic paradises of the country. Though still in production, Convivio will celebrate both the local flavours as well as some international specialties, making it a one-stop-shop to get whatever your stomach desires.
This should be in full swing by mid October, 2019.

In the meantime, the bar is already up and going, to complement all the different events, exhibits and activities happening here, and has some of the best locally produced Mezcal from around the region, as well as some inventive cocktails and local beers – diverse enough to quench everyone’s thirst. Most of the cocktails are classic recipes reinvented with local flavours (lots of mezcal variations), tying them even closer to the Oaxaca region you’re visiting!

Stay up-to-date with food and drinks in Oaxaca, as this savoury menu develops and expands.

Convivio Oaxaca - pet friendly co-working space

If you happen to be passing through Oaxaca de Juarez (the city of Oaxaca) in your Latin American journeys, be sure to pop in to Convivio and become part of the community!

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