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The Fine Print

Any sponsored content published on this blog will include a disclaimer identifying it as such. Where Sidewalks End reserves the right to decline to review a product if it is not in line with the content of this site. Any reviews written by Where Sidewalks End will be written fairly and honestly, and no guarantees can be given of a positive rating or conclusion.


The Site

Where Sidewalks End is a rapidly growing travel blog geared toward budget-minded, adventurous travellers of all ages and backgrounds seeking off-the-beaten-path experiences. Where Sidewalks End was originally founded in May, 2011 and underwent a major redesign and mission in April, 2012.

The site features a variety of travel-related content, including travel stories and tips, destination guides, travel photos and videos, interviews, and reviews. Content is updated frequently, and always focuses on quality.

Readers at Where Sidewalks End come to read about:

  • Travel off the beaten path
  • Global and domestic travel
  • Working and travelling as an expat
  • Unique/odd travel experiences
  • Adventure activities
  • Budget travel
  • Travel planning
  • Solo travel
  • Travelling with Tour operators
  • What other travellers are up to

The majority of visitors to Where Sidewalks End hail from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Thailand and Australia are also strongly represented.

The Stats

Current stats as of Mar 14, 2017:

Average monthly unique visitors: 14,843+
Average monthly page views: 51,868+
Alexa traffic rank: 632,739
Domain Authority: 38/100
Page Authority: 47/100

Twitter followers: 4,238
Facebook fans: 7,220
Instagram Followers: 8,555
RSS subscribers: 563
Klout Score: 65

Why advertise on Where Sidewalks End?

Advertisers on Where Sidewalks End will reach an audience of travel-minded readers, who are interested in engaging stories and useful information about travel as a whole. That audience is expanding daily, through social media outreach, organic search results, quality SEO, and engaging content. Be a leader, an innovator, an early adopter – work with a travel blogger – our reach is far greater than most standard forms of marketing. Get here while the getting’s good.

Where Sidewalks End works closely with other travel bloggers to promote useful content, including Tweets, Stumbles, Facebook posts and contests, etc., in order to make sure quality content does not go unnoticed. In return, Where Sidewalks End is quickly forging relationships with top travel bloggers across the Web.

Advertising Options

Where Sidewalks End is willing to discuss advertising in the form of sponsored reviews. Where Sidewalks End does not endorse Banner Ads, hidden text links or other forms of sponsored content

  • Sponsored reviews — of products, services, attractions, tours, hotels, books, and more.

The opinions expressed in the reviews shall be my own. I hold no bias to a product, and will not jeopardize the honest opinons held on this site in order to get free merchandise, discounts or other offers. Please contact Where Sidewalks End if you would like to have your product reviewed.

Press Trips

Where Sidewalks End would be honoured to be considered for invitation on press trips, both around the globe and around the corner. If you are looking for a fresh, young, adventurous traveler to review a destination and deliver quality content through writing, photography, video and more, look no further.

Travel bloggers are an invaluable resource to the travel industry, in that we are capable of instant promotion, be it via Twitter and Facebook, or via frequent blog updates. Unlike more traditional forms of media, where content goes through a long editorial process, bloggers can deliver results almost instantly. So consider this particular blogger for that next press trip.

The Fine Print

Just to reiterate, any reviews written by Where Sidewalks End about a product, service, attraction, etc., will be written fairly and honestly. No guarantees can be given of a positive rating or conclusion.

Any sponsored content published on this blog will include a disclaimer and/or disclosure notice, identifying it as such.

Where Sidewalks End reserves the right to decline to review a product if it is not in line with the content of this site.