Photo Essay: Day 2 of Thaipusam – The Batu Caves Pilgrimage

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Photo Essay: Day 2 of Thaipusam – The Batu Caves Pilgrimage

Thaipusam at Batu Caves in Photos

The 15 kilometers Pilgrimage

For the finer details on this hindu festival, please read my about experience with Thaipusam in Kuala Lumpur!


Thaipusam - Henna design

As soon as we arrived there was line ups of people waiting to get henna designs done.


Thaipusam - Henna being drawn

I love watching the attention to detail in the intricate designs!


Hindu Festival - Ferris Wheel at Batu Caves

With an air of a typical fair, there were rides and stalls set up everywhere.


Hindu Festival - Loads of stalls

The stalls lined the path towards the entrance to Batu Caves.


Hindu Festival - Delicious Indian sweets

Many of the stalls were filled with delicious Indian treats!


Hindu Festival - Stacked Indian sweets

I could eat these all day! They’re basically sugar, with flavours of honey, pistachio and more!


Thaipusam - A couple with heads shaven

This couple of devotees spared no expense in shaving all their hair for Thaipusam.


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